Sea Star Pro Tilt Helm 2.0

by |MFR| Seastar
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The ultimate No FeedBack Steering system, designed for the high speed and performance of today's top-end bass boats. Recommended for single outboard configurations up to 300 HIP. with options like jack plates and performance props. FEATURES: Patented No Feedback Steering lock valves. Low friction hydraulic steering system. 4.0 turns from lock-to-lock. Compact helm has only a 4-7/16" footprint - requires only a 3" dash hole (tilt requires larger hole). Factory swaged hoses are Kevlar?? reinforced. Packaged complete with helm, cylinder, fittings, oil, bleeder kit, and detailed instructions. Fast easy installation. Meets A.B.Y.C. standards. Meets N.M.M.A. certification requirements.

Description: Kit

MFG Part Number: HH 6145