SeaStar HC6358-3 Pro Front Pivot Mount Outboard 8" Stroke 8.34 Cubic Inch Cylinder HS5157 Seal Kit

by |MFR| Seastar Solutions
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The SeaStar Pro Front Mount Outboard Cylinders have keyed support brackets to prevent racking of the cylinder which gives it a more solid feel and more robust bushings. Suited for all those critical high speed, single powered outboard boats, like Bass, Flats, combo Race/Ski and other performance orientated boats capable of speeds in excess of 65mph. Systems require the use of a SeaStar Pro helm and reinforced Kevlar hoses only(1500 psi).
All cylinders ending in "3" have been updated and fit the same applications as the prior models. Improvements over previous models include: Updated styling, a more robust barrel, new sealing systems and materials with excellent resistance to compression set, and new adjustable stainless steel O-ring fittings (ORB).

Description: SeaStar Pro - Yamaha

Mount: Pivot

MFG Part Number: HC6358-3